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Habit Masterclass

Close the knowing-doing gap!

Many managers know what they should be doing through experience, own reading or training, but don’t always succeed in changing their habits successfully. During this track, the managers close their ‘knowing-doing’ gap by installing key habits on leadership in their business as usual. It’s a simple, straightforward process that gets them from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’. The expectations are clear: after each webinar, the managers put 1 key habit into practice. These key habits represent the essential behaviors they need to show, in order to become the leader they would want to follow. 

9 foundation habits in the business as usual

1. Giving Feedforward & Feedback
2. Coaching Questions
3. Steering on Results
4. Focused Meetings
5. Situational Leadership Best Practices
6. Following up on Goals
7. Creating Trust
8. Crucial Conversations
9. Creating a Feedback Culture

Be the leader you wish you had.

Success is not left up to chance.

Did you know that 88% of all habit attempts fail?
That’s because habitlearning is a counter-intuitive process! Luckily, we have cracked the code & are able to turn this daunting number around. So don’t act surprised if we are serious when it comes to our real-time habit support.

This consists of:

90′ workshop
To kick-off the track, everyone follows the 90′ workshop ‘how to build new habits’ to gain basic insight in the habit-method and how to apply it after every webinar.

Habit coaching
After each webinar, we stick around for 30′ of real-time habit coaching to answer all their questions on implementing the key habits.

Habit follow up webinars
2 extra webinars are organized as follow up during the track to enhance their success rate.


Know-how from the best

This webinar track is developed in association with our extensive network of learning experts & HR/business professionals. Together, we have searched for the essentials of leadership & translated their know-how into tiny, manageable habits. They will share their knowledge during the track on our online community, during video-interviews or as webinar- guest speakers. What are the smallest leadership behaviors that have the largest impact? Let’s take a look at the track!


Small steps, Big results!


How to build new habits

September - in company 90' workshop

88% of all habit attempts fail. If you want to improve your leadership, you need to understand how to build new habits that last.


Giving and receiving feedback


For most people, the main reason why they avoid feedback, is because people tend to get all defensive about it. Learn the TOP 5 triggers for defensive reactions and how to avoid them.


Situational leadership


Delegating, participating, selling and telling – when do you do them? Map out how you can apply leadership theory, in practice.


Output-oriented goalsetting


Results speak the loudest in business. Learn how to drive performance & stay focused on the expected output.


Speed of trust behaviors + Habit follow up


Webinar: Speed of trust behaviors
Have you ever met someone and questioned their motives? What if your team felt this way about you? Learn to build trust switftly at work.

Habit follow up webinar
88% of habit attempts fail! Get back on track by learning the TOP tools & pitfalls of developing a new habit.


Creating a feedback culture


If people in your organization are not giving each other feedback regularly and freely in all directions, you are missing out thousands of daily improvement opportunities.


Following up on goals


Setting goals is great as the first step, but how do you help your team members stay on track? This session is all about making goals happen in a messy business as usual.


Bringing Focus to Meetings


Are meetings killing your time and energy? Meetings are supposed to drive decisions, not their participants crazy. Learn how to structure focused meetings.


Coaching to GROW


As a leader, one of your most important roles is to coach your people to grow and perform to their best abilities.


Crucial conversations + Habit follow up


Webinar: Crucial conversations
95% of conversations are grounded in today’s operations. Are you ready to tackle some crucial conversations and connect with others in a more meaningful way?

Habit follow up webinar
On average, it takes 7 habit attempts before you will succeed! Get back on track by applying the TOP 5 habit strategies to enhance your success-rate.

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